Darwin’s theories apply to business too

Darwin’s theories apply to business too: On the farm of Jackie French (the Australian author) grows 132 varieties of apples. Every day she can feast on an apple freshly picked from a tree yet I see only 6 apple types available in stores. Tired and floury for much of the year, these cold stored apples are grown for their ease with limited consideration of our joy of freshness.

The scientist Charles Darwin noted that variety is essential for species survival. The more quirks that a species exhibits the more likely some lives will survive when conditions change.

In business, encouraging diversity of opinions, of personalities, of approaches creates the variety that Darwin espouses. Only the fittest leaders can rally such variety and survive the heat they need to bloom. The rest succumb to solutions stored and cold.

With active management of body and mind, determination for respite as well action, and knowing constancy as well as novelty are essential for growth, all aspiring leaders can achieve the fitness which thrives in whatever life brings so clients and team receive the fresh fruit of ideas whenever they are needed.


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