Week’s reflection – Other viewpoints

How’s your week been? Hope its been fabulous.  Mine has been normal. Its been up and down like a bride’s nighty as my mum would always say. Interesting term “Brides nighty” isn’t it.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit more about change. I want to speak with you about the fact that often leaders get caught up in black and white thinking because we get tired, we are under pressure, and we forget that life is full of grey. And if we recognise grey our stress levels go down and we think a lot better.

So I want to talk with you for a moment about dialectics. Dialectics is saying that things are not simply black and white, things can be a range between one and the other. What I mean by that is… we can, for example, be doing the best we can at this point in time and still be able to do better. We can at this point in time be angry, and still be gentle in the way that we act.

I want you to think through how you have operated during the week.

Was there a way you could have looked at things slightly differently?

Was there a way you could have stepped back and said “Is there another side to this story”?

As a leader, when you start seeing other sides, you’ll be able to start making better decisions, because you’ll be able to start seeing other points of view. You will be able to start moving your company forward at a much faster pace because people will see how you reflect and that builds trust.

So I would like to give you a challenge this week. I’d like you to reflect back on when are you taking a position and saying “I am right”, or “This is YES!” or “This has to be No!” and give yourself a counter argument.

Explore the shades of grey.

Explore who may be impacted that you haven’t considered

Visualise the decision in a different situation

Apply different criteria


And once done:

How does your body feel different?

What have you learned about yourself ?

What have you learned about others?

Let me know how you go.