Week’s reflection – Trust (4 min)

Narrative follows video

Edited narrative of video:

Trust is a delicate thing that takes a long time to be earned and can be lost in an instant.

Being able to trust someone, or something, makes our life easier.

When we get what we expect, what was been implicitly or explicitly promised, our anxiety levels drop and we enjoy a feeling of calm.

When we are unsure as to whether the person or product will do as promised, we are anxious and that makes us uncomfortable.

If the discomfit is frequent or big enough we will leave. We will leave the seller and take our sales with us, we will leave the employer and take away our knowledge, we will leave our spouse and all the history we have had together

The effects of loss of trust are significant:

  1. For the self it’s a feeling of exclusion and loss
  2. For the business its reduced revenue and opportunity
  3. Our career stumbles
  4. Our relationships feel incomplete

Trustworthy activities

Someone who is “trustworthy”:

  1. Acts with integrity
  2. Is consistent in behaviour
  3. Willingly fulfils promises and responsibilities
  4. Accepts responsibility for actions
  5. Acts with compassion
  6. Is competent
  7. Easy communicator
  8. Maintains confidentiality
  9. Is open to other viewpoints
  10. Acts honestly

How often do you act in these ways? You may be doing the best you can at present, but you can always do better if you know what stands in the way. Why not decide to improve.

So over the next few weeks look at your actions with those around you.

  1. How often do you fulfil, willingly and with ease the things you commit to? Be truthful, be courageous and look without excuses.
  2. Reflect also on the people you trust and why you do. Track how you feel in trusted relationships, and compare those feelings to relationships where trust is incomplete.
  3. Put all this information together. What does it tell you about yourself and about your relationships with others?
  4. Then take action
    • What will you commit to improve your trust score?
    • What help do you need?
    • What could get in your way?
    • What controls will be put in place to assure success?

The benefits:

Its worthwhile to known as trustworthy.

  1. You become more attractive to others, bringing calm and relaxation to your life and theirs.
  2. Life is simpler as commitments reduce.
  3. Your self confidence and self respect grows and with it your joy of life.
  4. Decisions are easier as you know your priorities and values much better.

Go on. Give it a go. Be 100% trustworthy with all those around you. Regardless of whether they are trustworthy back. It’s not a quid pro quo situation. Its much better than that – you get benefits much beyond the effort you expend.

Cultural consequences
Don’t just stop with self-evaluation. Take the summer to watch and reflect on your firm too. Calculate the consequences to your firm’s ability to stay on strategy. Specifically the impact on steadfastness, creativity, revenue, retention, positioning, client happiness and profits.

A back of the envelope calculation will show that there is much opportunity for improvement. Select 3 actions that will make a difference. No more. Commit yourself and take action. Watch the results unfold, and stay true to your goal regardless of the ups and downs.

Each day those around you score your trustworthiness. Their actions and yours impact your success and happiness. Live your life with intent. Become the trustworthy person you know you can be.

Let me know how you go.