Week’s reflection – Decision making

How’s your week been?

How are you evaluating that question I just asked?  What criteria are you going to use? Every decision in life uses evaluation. As leaders that’s what we do – Make decisions. When we make decisions we need to know the important things that we are going to be evaluating. We need to know the criteria we are going to be using. This is in our personal lives as well as our business lives.  This brings me on to what I wish to talk about this week, which is decision making. If you have a look at the articles that I write, they’re all about making decisions, aren’t they.

There are key things in decision making. We need to know where we want to get to and we need to know all about where we are now, by collecting lots of data. The trouble is we are looking at the future, with our goals, and at the past, with our data, yet we have to make decisions right now.

Our future is created by hundreds of millions of decisions that have been made by ourselves and by the people around us. We don’t know how they are going to unfold when we make them, because the decisions all interact, and spontaneously and over time create an outcome.

So when we are thinking about decisions we should consider the fact that they are never going to produce the result we expect. Not exactly. So they are but the beginning of a journey.

When we put the decision in place our role as leaders is then to watch that decision unfold and then make a whole series of new decisions which will keep us on track to our goals.

How do you do that? What process do you use? Is it working?  …more criteria hey.

Let me know how you go.

Have a great weekend.