How great leaders use life rhythm to maximise productivity

Consumer data improved last week, to the highest it has been since November 2016 with the headline rate showing a gain in optimists so that they now over shadow pessimists regarding the future. Add this to the Reserve Bank’s 6 monthly assessment also delivered last week, that the financial economy is resilient to most shocks, and 2018 is looking solid. Okay, so no future is certain, but with both consumers and business owners beginning to be more positive, it is time to start getting your firm ready for a stronger year ahead.

Energy surges in Spring

The timing couldn’t be better for this message. October is the time for increasing activity in body and mind. Just like bees and birds become more active at this time of the year, so do we humans. The circadian rhythm impacts every living being – humans included. The days get longer and warmer, our sleepiness declines and there is a natural tendency to want to get things done.

This resurgence of energy in Spring is universal. Go visit the foreshore on a Saturday morning and watch the many cyclists and runners who are out and about. The numbers have increased substantially in the last 3 weeks. Its normal for our Winter recharge to turn into activity now.  We have rebuilt out energy stores and are moving again.

Summer activities increase creativity: Make use of this 

As a leader, it is effective to plan the rhythm of life into the firm’s activities. Not only does this increase productivity  but it is much more pleasurable to be working with the tide than against it.  October is when we can be using our fresh energy to collect client data for later use when our brains are most creative, viz., after the Summer holidays when your team is rested. This post festive break is the most special time of the year. During Summer time it is normal for us to increase the variety and amount of social activity in which we indulge. This duality naturally opens minds to innovative thought as the brain’s synapses are worked into new connections. Together, the relaxation and variety direct the mind to literally become a mind-full of ideas.

Immediately post Summer break is the time for planning days where new ideas are uncovered and scheduled, faithful old (and increasingly irrelevant) activities are carefully removed, and improvements initiated. This is the time when change seems less forbidding, so put the dates in your diaries now and creatively make your decisions ‘right’.

Leaders who want to enjoy their roles, and help their team do too, apply these rhythms to their planning. These leaders know that just like it is easier to go with the tide than fight it (compare the extra energy needed when travelling the Avon decent up instead of down river), applying the natural rhythm of life optimises the effort required when getting results.

Get the data ready

Use these weeks before Christmas to collect data that will strengthen your firm’s ability to achieve its goals in 2018. Start with data that will improve your firm’s ability to build trust.

Your clients want to a provider who cares about them, who will keep them safe (which will mean a variety of different things to different people) and who will solve their problems. Your buyers, and users (two different groups generally) also have specific technical needs that must be fulfilled. They don’t want to buy on price, they desire value, but if all you offer is price, then that’s what they will choose.

Here’s a reminder of things to consider. Read more> . 


The circadian rhythm has peaks and troughs and now is the time to plan the harvest. Use this energy surge to collect quality data, then make use of the open minds and creative thoughts that return from Summer restoration, to develop products and plans that will achieve results of which you can be proud.

If you are not sure how to do this, feel free to contact me.

Let me know how you go.


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