Boiling frog syndrome

You’ve heard it, put a frog into cool water and gradually heat it, and the frog will be boiled alive. Put the frog into hot water and it jumps straight out.

Every decision you make creates a new future. Every new client does too.

It is time to ask: What’s happening in your water source (of clients + services offered + staffing), are you becoming drowsy?

Let’s see.

If your firm had 100 clients just like your last engagement what would your firm look like?

I mean ‘client’ as in the flesh and blood human with all its attributes, not a demographic symbol. With 100 clients like your last one, would your people be stirred with pride at the effort they put in? Ambivalent? More interested in KPIs and quality standards than building client knowledge? Filled with dread maybe?

With 100 of these, what would the firm be?

With every new client the firm’s ecosystem has changed. The change can’t be halted but it can be crafted if you reflect on the people you have and match the clients carefully.

Its time to reflect on the ecosystem you are building. Become sensitive to temperature and jump away from clients who don’t stimulate the pride and involvement of your people.

Let it be the others who succumb to boiling frog syndrome, not you.

Let me know how you go.

Jennifer is a strategy implementation coach who helps leaders turn their strategies into remarkable results.

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