Build your children’s future – make AMR History.

Today I attended the official launch of  “Make AMR History” an initiative to eradicate a terrible problem, that being antibiotic resistance. It was quite chilling to be told that 35 years from now 10 million people per year will die from ailments that are currently considered minor – 200,000 of these people will be Australians.

We were told a story of a man, let’s call him “Mr A”, a Western Australian who went to the Mediterranean for a holiday. Whilst there he suffered chest pains and was admitted to a Greek hospital. He was then flown back to Perth and admitted to Intensive Care. His health did not improve and within a very short time he died. His death came not from his chest pains but from a strain of European AMR which was detected too late to save him.

Then there is a WA child, who I will call “Miss B”. Her mum took her to a doctor for treatment of an ear infection. She too fell foul of AMR. Her ear did not clear and her hearing is permanently impaired. This may impact her socialisation and education.

These are isolated cases that are happening right here and now, but as I said, within 35 years it is expected that 10 million people will be dying a year and one or more of those may be your child or grand child.

The eradication can start with you. Every small step is a step in the right direction:

  • make hygiene king (get your kids to wash their hands with soap and water, clean your house with natural cleansers)
  • question your doctor when prescribed antibiotics. Ask if there is another treatment that will work – I recall that 60% of antibiotics are over prescribed.

WA is at the forefront of the fight, having created “FAST” a test that detects AMR within one hour. Apparently there is nowhere else in the world that can boast of such a short timespan.

But research needs funds and your financial contribution would be welcome. Please feel free to fund their efforts.

We’ve had it all

You and I live in incredible times when lifespans have increased 20 years in the last 50 through improvements in health treatment. As an infant I was given antibiotics and it is probable that they saved my life. Maybe you or someone in your family has had the same benefits.

Give our children and their children the same opportunities that we have. Make AMR History. 


Jennifer Bishop is a Business Coach who helps business leaders turn their strategy into results. Her specialisation is strategy implementation or as some name it, strategy execution.