Positive works

What can business do to succeed in this climate of uncertainty? Focus on what it does well, that’s what.

In business, as in life, what we focus on gets our attention, our resources and our effort.  What we don’t focus on shrinks over time.

All you need to start it off is to find out what’s done well, what’s done to a mediocre standard, and what’s done poorly. Put resources into the good bits.

Some questions to ask:

  • Why do your clients come to you?
  • What do they value in your service and products?
  • What do your staff most enjoy in the work that they do?
  • Which services/products bring you the most revenue?
  • What do your competitors think about you and what worries them most?

Go on, find out what your business does well, and focus on that.   Not only will it make you more money, it’s more fun.

By Jennifer Bishop